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My favorite at any given time is the current one - Pokemon stands alone among game franchises, IMO, for improving the games overall every time. I've never been disappointed with a single one of them and have liked each one more than the last.

So my current favorite is Gen V, and before that it was Gen IV, and so on. That said though, I'd have to say that the one that stands out the most - that seems most above and beyond what it might've been - would be Gen III. It has its flaws, just like all of them do, but...

I'm casting about, trying to figure out how to explain this.

Imagine that, out of nowhere, someone gives you a pile of money.
The first time they do it, they give you $1,000.
The second time, they give you $2,000
The third time, they give you $10,000
The fourth time, $11,000.
The fifth time, $12,000.

So it's free money every time - that's a good thing. And it's more every time, with the most recent being the best. But still... remember that third time? That jump all the way from two thousand to TEN thousand? That was really something, huh?

That's the way the third gen is to me, and why I wanted to mention it, even though, technically, the fifth gen is my favorite. For now.