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Pre-E4 (after the E4, rechallenging them is the best way to grind in pretty much all of the games):

In FR/LG, I mostly use the Vs. Seeker on the bikers at the top of cycling road and the cluster of trainers down in the southeast corner - east of Fuchsia. And of course the two trainers outside the Spa on Kindle Road.

In RSE, I mostly just grind wherever I can find the highest level pokemon with the most convenient typings or EVs for whoever I'm working on, but I have a few spots that I tend to use more than others. At the earlier levels, I turn lots of circles in the little patch of grass west of Mauville on Route 117, then later in the long grass at the top of Route 120 - just east of Fortree. Then near the end, it's mostly in Victory Road. And I battle Ty and Gabby every chance I get.
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