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Game: Emerald (with wild Pokemon randomizer)

I will be starting a Nuzlocke on Emerald. I will also be using a wild Pokemon randomizer, to make the experience more interesting.

The rules I will be playing with:
-Fainted Pokemon are banished to PC
-You can catch only the first Pokemon that appears in an area, if you fail, then too bad

Maybe I'll add some others on later on.

Also, I had to restart the game like 12 times because of various stupid things, and I'm at the point that I'm so frustrated, that until I catch my next Pokemon, I am not going to restart my game as a game over if my starter faints to another stupid wild Pokemon, before I can even get Pokeballs. In other words, I'm just going to pretend my starter is immune to death until I can get another Pokemon (and until I get a Pokemon, I can try to catch a Pokemon within any area as often as I like). I'll dump my starter in the death box after I get another Pokemon.