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Samurott, Beartic, Cofagrigus, Klinklang, Liepard and Garbodor.
(Sorry if I messed up on this one. I honestly haven't beaten an Unova game)

Thanks and for you

Seismitoad, Vanilluxe, Chandelure, Bisharp, Hydreigon, and Scolipede

Sorry some of these types are kinda lacking in the 5th Gen games

Kanto [0/8] Johto [16/16] Hoenn [0/8] Sinnoh [0/8] Unova [0/8]

Kanto [0/8] Johto [0/16] Hoenn [7/8] Sinnoh [0/8] Unova [0/8]

Other Challenges

Pokemon Black Location Challenge
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