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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
I have some more hopes;

Like a Chimecho evo. There is brilliant fanart for an evolution of this Pokémon out there. And Chimecho really deserves it. In RSE, it was a really rare Pokémon that you probably didn't find without consulting a guide. Yet it was so underwhelming once you found it. It had NFE stats, an NFE movepool, and an appearance that at best screams "hug me!". It's cute, it's frail, and you really want to own it, yet once you think it through, you realise you have no reason to. GameFreak, please give us that reason. It wouldn't bother me if it ended up NU, at least an evolution would mean an acknowledge of this cute little critter, imo~!

Or, how about an Manetric evo? Electrike is one of those Pokémon you catch as your third or fourth, because you see potential in it and have seen pictures of its evolution online. Yet once you get it and play with it a little, you understand that it's really not that great, and drop it in favour of a more attractive Pokémon you find while training for the fifth or sixth gym. Okay, it is somewhat fast, and hits decently on the special side, but all in all, it's rather underwhelming. Which is a shame, considering its good coverage movepool and great looks. Evolving from Electrike at lvl 26, it has a decent shot at acquiring an evolution mid-late in a standard playthrough. Perhaps by the "Mamoswine method", involving level-up knowing a decent move it learns in the late forties.
Definitely agreeing with those two. The disappointing part is that Chimecho has like no use whatsoever. I mean at least with Manectric, it can have a bit of an edge sometimes, and has a...decent-ish movepool, I guess, but why is Chimecho literally so bad, when it looks like it can have so much potential? I definitely think that, as amazing as some of Gen III's Pokemon are, there are definitely those that need an evo, like those two. XD

Also, alternate Surskit evo please! Masquerain is also pretty lacking. :x

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