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I really need to get a move on with this. At any rate, I just beat Clair. Nothing much else, other than the fact that I finally realized that I wasn't smart enough to put a surfer on my team, so I have a lovely HM Slave Staryu... Fun. Other than that, I've been too lazy to train my Present. I'll work on that... hopefully. (Or it will just sit in my party at an unreasonably low level since egg shields are always nice...)

Current Team

The Quick, the Fast, the PINK!
Mei the Flaafy (M)
Level 42

On the Endless Search for Love, The Attraction!
Romio (Romeo) the Quilava (M)
Level 33
-Quick Attack
-Fire Spin

Two of a Kind, The Duo!
Ni (Two) the Nidoran Female
Level 27
-Double Kick

Carrying the Letter of Friendship on Her Back, The Valentine!
Ke-ri (Kelly) the Murkrow (F)
Level 37
-Night Shade

Helping his Friend on the Quest for Love, The Flower!
Hana (Flower) the Sunflora (M)
Level 26
-Mega Drain
-Sunny Day

That One Gift that No One Wants to Keep, The Present!
Present the Togepi (M)
Level 16
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