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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
No it doesn't. Magneton was a Base Stat of 465 and it got an evolution. Electabuzz's Base Stat was 490 and it evolves. Magmar is 495. Porygon 2 is 515.
Hence why I said "usually" on my previous post. Electabuzz, Magmar, Scyther, Rhydon, Porygon 2, and Magneton are the only Pokemon with base stats above 460 who received evolutions, even though they could've been split evolutions. The problem with given Pokemon with almost 500 base stats total an evolution is sacrifcing a stat spread or two for another (Ex: Electabuzz loses its speed for more physical power when evolving to Electivire).

They have also evolved fairly decent Pokemon in the past. If they want to evolve something they will. Nothing written on paper will stop a Pokemon from evolving outside of it being a Stage 2 (third evolution) or being Legendary.
But game mechanic patterns shouldn't be broken, which is why the idea of removing Ice Beam from all Water types will be impossible, because it'll require removing the move as a TM from other Pokemon who learn it by TM, especially when Ice Beam has been a TM since the first generation.

While on paper it makes sense, it's been proven that GameFreak doesn't always do what makes the most sense. Scyther and Pinsir are seen as equivalents, but only Scyther got a new evolution in Gen II. Jinx, Electabuzz, and Magmar have always been seen as equals, yet in Gen IV only Electabuzz and Magmar gained new evolutions. Dusclops and Banette, another supposed version exclusive equivalent, also became uneven when Dusclops gained a new evolution in Gen IV while Banette didn't.
One will say it's because of Heracross, who has become Pinsir's new version exclusive equivalent, giving Scyther freedom to receive an evolution. It was rumored that Jynx was originally going to receive an evolution in Gen IV, but it was replaced by Heatran because of the controversy surrounding Jynx. Others will argue that Jynx was never part of the group with Electabuzz and Magmar to begin with because of her being female only, being a dual-typed Pokemon, and being a trade Pokemon in her debut appearance.
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