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First Update on my Blaze Black Nuzlocke!
I pick the female avatar and choose Snivy as my starter.
After all the usual introductions at the start, I go to route 1, and find my first pokemon, a lv.4 male Pidgey! I catch it and name it Garuda.
After leveling it up a bit, I reach Accumula Town, where a strange guy named N battles me. It was tough, but my lil Garuda managed to survive his 4 pokemons with a couple of potions, and is now lv. 12!
On route 2, the first thing I do of course is running in the grass to find my second pokemon, I hope this time it's one of the 5th gen pokemons, and not a stupid zigzagoon or something... Aaand ta-da! A female Purrloin! I catch it and clear all the trainers in the area; I read the leaders in this edition are super tough, so I'll need all the experience I can.
Upon reaching Striaton City, I battle one of my rivals in the school, and am toldby the gym leader that I'll need 3 pokemons. Following his advice, I get gifted a Panpour by a nice lady in the Dreamyard. I am not very confident I'll manage to beat the leader with this team, however I don't even know which type he'll be going to use, so hopes are still up.
My team: Felid the lv.14 Purrloin, Garuda the lv.15 Pidgey and a lv.10 Panpour.