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Update 2

  • Grinded both Pokémon up to Level 8, nearly killing ELF 4 times.
    Battled some trainers, got REX up a few levels.
    Continued on to Route 104 (I think?) and encountered a Level 4 Wingull, caught it and named it DASH. Then grinded EXP until it was Level 8.
    Battled some more trainers on the route and leveled up ELF once.
    Entered the Petalburg Woods and encountered a Level 5 Wurmple, caught it and named it Servine.

Hopefully next time I can get to the first Gym ... .-.

Still no screenshots ... I have a Level 10 Torchic, Level 9 Poochyena, Level 8 Wingull and a Level 5 Wurmple.
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