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Quote originally posted by pokemon hack:
i cant wait for the download! literaly i can't wait hurry up and finish it!

My life doesn't revolve around this hack. I'll work on it when I have time.

Quote originally posted by Pinkish Purple:
Sorry to disappoint but I think shinyabsol1 won't be able to finish this maybe even by next year.

If you mean completing the entire hack, then you're right. Beta 1, on the other hand, has a good chance of being completed well before 2013 ends.

Quote originally posted by AmazingCharizard:
Thats sad, always the best hacks who might never be finished.

I do want to finish this hack, but the amount of time I will have to work on it in the future is dubious.

But for now...

...I've found some time to work on this. Progress resumed yesterday