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Ugh this is probably horrible. Ugh looking back on it I feel like it is. Also, if the lyrics seem weird, I had a kind of... folksy, country tune in my head while writing it. (if that helps?)

Do we need a title? uhh:

Pull Me Through

Between a rock,
And a hard place -
The world's too grey,
I just can't face,

It all,
Someone to pull me through.

Well I'm going through a tunnel,
And the signal is bad.
And I guess I'll put my hood up,
Cuz I've definitely had,

Just need
Someone to pull me through.

I'm just trapped inside a maze,
That I hate to call my mind.
Well I'm screaming as I'm drowning,
And it's really hard to find,

A way.
Someone to pull me through.

(Slow part)
For you to be that person,
I get that I'm asking too much.
But, right now, I can't stand up,
All I need is a crutch.

(Faster now)
And maybe one day,
Or a week or a year.
The sadness will go,
There will be no more fear.

While I hope that day will come,
The vultures are still circling.
I'm running out of time,
That meteor is hurtling,

Towards me.
And we'll see,

If I can find someone to pull me through.

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