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Woosh back from vacation so shop is open again! Hurrah!
Originally Posted by Murt93 View Post
I know you wont be on for two weeks but I said I'd post and you could get back to me whenever I am interested in a clone of your entei and raikou if possible shinies I have that I think you don't have are basculin(lol),Rapidash,umbreon(I know you have eevee) gyarados(jolly) and haxorus(adamant 30atkivs,28speed) I've noticed you have an adamant dratini and if you like I could soft reset the shiny dratini in white 2 until it has better ivs than the one you have and give it to other than that I have a ditto with 31 atk ivs and i think I have another one with 31 in speed somewhere in my boxes I cant remember their natures ill find out if you wish as for dw pokemon the females I have are dratini,carvanha,golduck,peliper,pachirisu,zangoose,bronzer,kingler,amoongus
Rapidash is cool so I'm interested in that, and the Haxorus although gettable for myself in B2W2 (just haven't bothered yet) sounds good too. Not too interested in a better shiny dratini, I'm afraid. DW females I'd be interested in are the Pachirisu and Kingler.
pokemon with decent stats: kinda confused by what you meant but I have an adamant gyarados ev trained ok ivs jolly garchomp 31 atk/31 speed adamant metagross 29/30 atk evs timid kyogre 31 sp.atk ivs fully ev trained timid zapdos ev trained and a good few more if you'd like any pokemon in particular I could breed and ev train it for you so get back to me whenever you have time I hope your enjoying your vacation
Decent is subjective, haha... Mostly just mean pokes that don't have poor stats all round or the like.

To clarify though; do you just want the event entei/raikou shinys?
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