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Slowly but surely, I'm working on this. (I swear...) I started the game, chose my starter, and then got a move on, catching my bros and destroying Rattata along the way. Oh, and dealing with a GIR who keeps on bothering me. Ah well, just because I can't hit a GIR doesn't mean that my buddies can't. We've already beaten GIR two times now, along with some Bellsprout Lovers, Falkner, and some bug lover named Bugsy. From what I've heard, there's some neat forest to explore up ahead that contains some sort of shrine. How boring! The thought of having to pay my respects to some mysterious force makes me want to cut down some trees.

My Bros:

Linoone the Relaxed Quilava
Level 18 (Ability Blaze)
-Quick Attack
-Smoke Screen

Brave the Modest Spearow
Level 14 (Ability Keen Eye)
-Fury Attack

Justice the Hardy Spinarak
Level 11 (Ability Swarm)
Poison Sting
-String Shot
-Scary Face

Carlos the Quiet Magikarp
Level 11 (Ability Swift Swim)

Wisdom the Admant Hoothoot

Level 9 (Ability Keen Eye)

Honor the Lonely Gastly
Level 5 (Ability Levitate)

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