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So in Black and White, it was mentioned that N could speak to Pokemon, and know their feelings/what they thought of the trainer and so on. This was continued in B2/W2, and we even found out that N was raised in the wild with Pokemon and that Ghetsis took him in. During advertising of these games, it was mentioned that there would be a tighter bond than before between humans and Pokemon. This didn't really dawn on me until recently, but could this mean that in these games you could adopt N's abilities, and thus talk to Pokemon yourself? Not really like talking to Pokemon that follow you, or talking through the microphone, but rather knowing exactly what they're feeling through dialogue on the screen during battles (or outside of battles even, or perhaps in a special event in the games?) - or maybe even a symbol, representing how they feel in battles. Perhaps you wouldn't even need the happiness/friendship checker, and rather you could see it yourself.

How else do you think you could possibly be incorporated into the games? Would you even like to "speak" or at least, understand your Pokemon to the level N does? Would it just seem like a waste of time? Share your thoughts!
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