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Quote originally posted by XanderO:
If the ability were Damp, I can see it removing that...Maybe Hydration too since those are moisture based abilities.

Yeah maybe. But daym, that'd really kill off a lot at once, and I'm not sure if an ability needs that many effects lmao.

Quote originally posted by Archeops12354:
It could be called 'Blaze Beam'.
A special type move that has a power of 140, and never misses (because it is a laser beam). This move will always burn the target (100% chance). However this move is way overpowered, so therefore the move will fail if the user has already used this move while in battle, but if it switches out then switches back in, it can use it again.
PP: 5/5

This move could also be used in the environment, by being able to slice holes through thick walls.
I hope you like my idea!

Uhhh a little too strong. Maybe 150 and has a recharging turn, or a charging turn, and it'd be on par with Hyper Beam. :3


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