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Zoran Nishant

There we go.

As the wind rushed to let her fall, she grinned. "Thank you! Have a nice day!" Around her gravity tugged and tugged. It was a rather nice feeling, falling to her death. She wouldn't die however. Not yet. Not when she still had plenty to do... and plenty to see, of course. Poor Edmund though. He was stuck with her. Hopefully he slept, slept just for a little while longer. Then she could let him go somewhere safe, safer than her. She closed her eyes, waiting... waiting for just that right moment.

Zaria would probably be so mad at her when this was over with. Bad enough you get yourself hurt all the time! Hehe, she could be so stiff and mature when she wanted to be. It was okay though. She could handle a little scolding if it meant that person was safe... and happy. Really, that was enough for her, even if she got a bit lonely.

Such hopeful thoughts you're having.

Outwardly, Zoran smiled. Inwardly however, a tinge of fear crept into her heart. Well... I tried.
A shree caused her to open her eyes and her body plopped onto the soft feathers below. The Pidgeot looked up at her with a calm, gleaming smirk on its beak. "Hi..." she said weakly, grinning at the bird. "I fell."

"It seems more like you were trying to escape, weren't you my dear?"

Zoran groaned mentally. Oh darn it. She had been so close too. She laughed cheerily. "Why would I do that Mister Theo? It's not like you were stalking me or anything!" He chuckled, held carefully in the air by a familiar Alakazam. Zoran waved at him, glancing slowly up at Vlad and Apollo. From where she sat on the Pidgeot, she could see three different ways Theo would move. And none of them would leave those Pokemon unscathed.

"You almost had it, didn't you?" the elderly man said. From a side view, he merely appeared to be a middle-aged Caucasian with greying black hair and a cane. His silver eyes told of something else, something that reminded Zoran of the depths of her own fragile mind. It never felt right... and Theo had never been right. "You almost managed to get away from me. Clever, clever girl... she taught you well."

Edmund stirred in her arms and she patted his head soothingly, honey eyes slowly hardening. "I did learn from the worst," she agreed coolly, dropping her smile, her care-free aura. It was going to take sheer effort to get away from him. She could do it... but... would she be the one who woke up if she made it through? And what would that do to Edmund if she wasn't? All these questions... and she didn't have the time to experiment and find out. "What do you need from me?" It was never a want from Theo, only a need, a command. It would be done no matter what she actually wanted to do, one way or another.

Theo smiled at her, offering her a firm hand to take. "I want your... persuasiveness."

"She won't listen to me," Zoran protested, rolling her eyes. Even if she was precisely sure where that person was, they wouldn't listen without a lot of talking. And promising. And various other convincing moves.

He chuckled. "Oh no, not her. Even I can barely convince her to breathe for me. I meant... someone else. An adversary who could become an ally. Or even a worse enemy than we anticipated. I want to see what they will do. Well?"

Zoran hesitated. Darn this man. She loved games. Her Pokeballs were not shaking. They were not saying this was a bad idea. Then... perhaps... She glanced up at the Charizard and Gabite and smiled ruefully with a shake of the head. "Sorry..." she called up to them. "I can't do anything to help you now." Alakazam's spoons glowed and she vanished, reappearing on gently bobbing wood.

"Oh... that was helpful Mister Theo..." she mumbled, looking around. "Now what am I supposed to do..." Edmund groaned in his sleep.

Theodore Ebony

"Well now," the man said neatly, still held in the air. He looked up at the two Pokemon, examining the Charizard with critical eyes. The scaly skin on his underside look quite pained, and his color was not particularly good at this moment either. Ah, he understood perfectly now. Nodding to Alakazam, he floated up to the pair, smiling. "I see she did a bit of damage to you there. My apologies, she can be quite mischievous. Comes from having no one to raise her properly, you see. The effects will wear off in a few more moments I would guess. " He tapped his cane on nonexistent ground and chuckled.

"Now then, let me see... I took your prospect away, didn't I?" He shook his head. "Terribly sorry about that, but she is needed in other places for me. I personally would be a much better person to take with you, young RDM recruit." Pidgeot snorted. As always, the man was off his rocker. Though they were terribly obvious with their carrying the lass around and all. "You see, I am of a group that could be quite useful to yours. Alakazam could carry me there, if that would be of any further help." He smiled. "Then you can release my Pokemon if you'd like. They probably would be happy to see no more of me."

Theodore smiled again. He hoped they were perfectly aware. He could leave if he chose to. However, he wasn't choosing to.
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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