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Quote originally posted by Sydian:
Rewy, I love your signature! Such a neat way to display and name your teams!
Quote originally posted by Sydian:
Well, Rewy didn't draw them, those are the Conquest pictures. XD Unless...Rewy...are ARTIST?!
Some people like to say that I am, though as a skeptical person I don't quite trust that judgement.
(Family and close friends are bad to use for grading your talent - because they're either 100% supportive or against it, whether you're good at all or not.)

But yeah - I suppose I can make art, but not sprites or completely digital things. I prefer to draw by pencil rather than on my tablet.
(Sprite recoloring doesn't count since that's just switching pixel palettes. As you can see from the gyarados.)

I do have a Weasyl and deviantArt account, but I don't go around shoving it to everyone's faces.

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