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Trainer Allison

Shinell ♀ lv. 24 @ Silk Scarf
Blaze | Serious
[ Ember, Double Kick, Scratch, Peck ]

Lucia ♀ lv. 23 @ Miracle Seed
Swarm | Lonely
[ Tackle, Absorb, Morning Sun, Gust ]

Nicholas ♂ lv. 23
Lightningrod | Relaxed
[ Spark, Quick Attack, Howl, Thunder Wave ]

Sora | Norton | Aqua

Today, I grinded Lucia and Shinell up to level 20 in Granite Cave then took out Brawly's gym with no trouble at all. We went to Slateport and beat some more trainers and then ran Team Aqua out of the oceanic museum. After that, we caught our third party member Nicholas the Electrike. We grinding him up a bit, beat some trainers, and got through the first Trick House puzzle. We taught Brendan a lesson in how strong we were, and progressed upward towards Mauville!

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