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I love PC, it's a wonderful forum so I think I'll join. :3

Username: Rainbow Arcanine
Reason for Joining the Club: PC is a wonderful forum and I'm glad I discovered it. I love coming here everyday and supporting it, so this is a perfect club for me! :3
Who's PC's Site Admin?: Rukario

How did you find out about PC?
It was a really humid night and I was getting restless of reading a novel I had picked up from the library around two days before I joined PC, so I hopped onto the computer. I wasn't in the mood for a game but I thought I'd just browse around some Pokemon discussions for a bit before going, which is when I then discovered PC. I thought it was a really friendly and brilliant forum so I decided to join and the polls were also good, so yeah!

What's your favorite board on PC?
I like most of the boards on PC but I'd say my favourite is the Fourth Generation Games section seeing as I could discuss with others about my favourite and first generation. Also they had some really interesting topics over there :3. A few close favourites would include Other Voting Polls and the Pokemon Voting Polls since I've always loved participating in polls and some of the questions asked were really creative! :3. And lastly the Roleplay Corner, although I don't post at all in there, I really like browsing through roleplays and reading for hours on end.

What's your favorite event on PC? (Like PCX, April Fools', Easteg Egg Hunts, etc.) Why?
I've only been in one PC event, the PCX but even then I thought it was a really cool event. They had some fun activities like iSketch and I particularly liked the anime contest along with other topics. It was also a time where PC members got to get together and have loads of fun. :3
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