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Delta "Del" Mayor




120 lbs/54.4 kgs


Atlantean Tattoo: It starts right under her pointer finger on her right hand and makes several twirls down her finger. The tattoo makes a straight line from her knuckle down her forearm stopping at the place where her arm bends.

Physical: Delta’s hair is the main topic of conversation when she interacts with new people. On the right side her hair it is shaven down to little to no hair but the hairs that do show are dyed a dark purple almost black. The rest is styled in a comb over fashion so that it all lies on the right side of her head. This mask most of the right side of her face until Del gets fed up with it and moves it out the way. Her regular, black hair is braided into many individual braids, which end in a bead. The colors of the bead depend on the section of the hair, the front is red, the middle is orange, and the back is yellow. If she’s really feeling up to it she may change the beads but it’s a real time consuming commitment. A single, golden hoop pierces her right eyebrow giving her an edgier look. Two other piercing makes themselves home in her lip and nose. Her lip piercing is located on the right corner of her mouth it is a silver hoop but at the center is a small ball. Rarely seen but still there is a small, butterfly shaped nose ring on the left side of her noise. It is rarely seen because it makes Del’s nose itch like crazy so she leaves it out most of the time. Delta’s eyes are a shunning shade of green that could rival the beauty of the ocean. Typically people dislike looking her right in the eyes for this fact alone as if she could possibly peer into their soul. Del’s complexion is a bit light than a regular, chocolate bar.

Clothing: Delta wears a black tank top that is hidden underneath a black, worn, leather jacket. Several of the pockets are missing zippers so they’re open just a bit revealing the contents within. A pair of black gloves the one’s that have the grips on them. A plain, black lanyard hangs from her neck with a set of keys attached to the end. One key is silver with spots of pink where it had once been painted and the other was just gold with Delta’s name engraved into it. Fitting nicely are her newly “purchased” skinny jeans, which of course are black. To finish off this daring outfit is a pair of five-inch black heels. With these heels she is easily one of the tallest girls in the room. She keeps two knifes strapped to her hip, both on her left side.

Personality: There’s no doubt in the world that Delta’s very confident in herself because she knows that’s the only person she can rely on is herself. Her development in her abilities, the fights she’s been in, and thriving on her own has lead her to be this confident and inflated ego. This level of confidence has lead her to be slightly cocky, fearless even. Delta can be a little too much to handle at times because she’s a bit reckless. Somehow she has gotten in her head that she can never lose and she’s nearly invincible. This leads to her being fearless as she is willing to take on any obstacle and any fight to prove to herself and to others that she’s capable. Those who she sees as weak she distances herself from in a hope that she doesn't succumb to their lower standards of surviving. She’s more than a little full of herself, which is too be expected in her case. Delta also believes that she can handle everything on her own. She’d rather work all by herself than deal with a team because they would only slow her down. As an independent person she knows that at the end of the day the only person you have and can count on is yourself.

Along with those traits Delta is aggressive and passionate in almost everything that she does. When it comes down to a fight she is willing to play dirty if that means that she will win, even though she knows she'll win anyway. She also has no problems starting a physical fight because Delta didn't like what the other person had to say. Especially when Delta doesn't get her way that's when her aggression really starts to boil over. When she gets her mind focused on something she becomes very much involved in it and doesn't derail from the path that's set before her. There is nothing wrong with deceiving people to her if that gets her to her goal sooner or it's just for fun, Delta will do it. It's often hard for her to follow orders down to the specifics because she has her own, albeit reckless, way of doing things. As long as she gets the job done that's all that matters to her.

Delta doesn’t really have good social skills and because of this people thinks she rude. She tends to cut people off mid-sentence to say what she needs to say. Also, she has a tendency to yell at people a lot. It’s not always out of anger but when it is she tends to go overboard. Delta is a very curious individual and tends to ask questions that might not be appropriate in a given situation but she'll do it regardless. One thing thing she hates is silence, especially awkward silence, so if she's the only one talking that's fine by her but good luck getting her to shut up. When it comes to dealing with her anger and emotions that go with it she's never very good at handling them. Another thing she takes pride in is her ability to start an argument and to carry that argument on for the sake of her own enjoyment. If Delta's wrong, she's wrong but she won't admit that she's wrong instead she'll twist it to her advantage. Delta tends to lash out those nearest and doesn't seem to care about the possible consequences that might come to her. This is why she doesn't have any friends, other people seem to be off-put by her attitude and personality, which is fine to Delta.

History: When Delta was a small girl her family moved to Poland from the United States to avoid something. She was never given an exact reason why they had to flee from their cozy home in the middle of the night. Her parents tended to be very secretive as if they were protecting their daughters from what they knew. Their arrival in Europe was a big hassle but one that Delta had long since forgotten except the memory of her sleeping on airport seats. Her sister, Diane, was much younger than her as she had been a newborn at the time while Delta was seven. Growing up in Poland was a strange experience, as she never really left her three-bedroom apartment. She almost never got the chance to get a formal education but if you could count her father’s lessons in math. This made her envious of the kid’s she would see outside her window heading to school. Sometimes she would carry a bag around to pretend she was off to school. Her parents always told her to knock it off but that never stopped her. Delta never knew her parent’s occupation only that they disappeared at various hours of the day for days at a time. This left her to take care of her infant sister and grow up faster than a child should.

On occasions she would be granted permission to visit her maternal grandparents who had lived in Poland their entire lives. Delta didn’t speak a lick of Polish and they knew English but they didn’t bother to speak it. This didn’t stop a strong bond from forming, as Delta would beg her grandparents to let her live with them. Eventually her wishes came true when her parents told her they had to return to The States and had to leave her here. They took her sister with them and they never explained why they couldn’t take her. To lighten her sadness her grandparents surprised her with a real backpack with actual school supplies. Tears streamed down her face as her grandparents told her she would be going to an actual school. Though, it was a smaller school than most and it was for non-native Polish children.

Fights. Delta wasn’t use to sharing with other kids and it had never been one of her strong points. Her first physical fight came two days after she was officially attending classes. When a boy grabbed her extra piece of paper to use for a drawing. After politely asking for it back and being rejected Delta took matters into her own hands. At this age she was bigger than most of the other kids and easily overpowered them. She shoved him out of his chair, kicked his chair, and then kicked him multiple times in the side. After the teacher intervened by restraining Delta to a chair while his assistant checked on the young boy. Upon closer inspection by a doctor it was determined that the kid had several bruised ribs and was in a lot of pain. No one wanted Delta to return to class for a while, not even her grandparents. She spent her break time in her grandparent’s apartment moping around and sitting on the windowsill staring out at the world. Which is where she sat as she learned about her parent’s death or murder depending on what you wanted to call it. Delta preferred murder because she just liked the word better than death. Her sister’s body wasn’t found with her parents meaning that either a) she is still alive or b) they killed her offsite. As with all news it eventually spread like wildfire throughout the neighborhood where she lived. Her parent’s death was big news, as their murders to this day have never been solved.

Delta returned to her class a month later to learn that the boy she had injured had dropped from that class the day before. She sat in class fuming with anger, which lead to a fight, how typical. This time it was some girl who kept badgering her about the death of her parents. After being ignored by Delta she delivered, “You know, no one really cares about your parent’s death, it’s just that they’re bored. And they mustn’t have cared about you as you’re still here. What. A. Loser” with extreme malice. Needless to say, Delta unleashed her rage with her fist and they did the action this time. The two girls were quickly separated and Delta was never invited back to another class, which was perfectly fine with her. Not so much with her grandparents, at the age of eight she had gotten into two fights within the span of two months. Fed up with her behavior they sent her to a boot camp/reform school where she spent the next ten years. When it was summer or break she would stay at her grandparent’s apartment. Delta had learned to control her temper for the time being but that didn’t stop her fighting. Her name was feared whenever it was mentioned, no one dare cross her path unscathed. She graduated from boot camp at the age of eighteen but even then her grandparents weren’t ready to have her living in the house. They got her her own apartment that was a block away.

The mark came while she was taking a bubble bath in the middle of the night. Delta could never fall asleep so she tended to take bathes to help relax her. The burning sensation came and went; she didn’t know anything had actually changed about her into she rose from the tub. Her one of her arms had become diamond-like and she could see through it which freaked her out. Luckily she lived by herself and didn’t have to worry about someone else seeing her like this. For the next couple of days her arms remained like that until she was knocked unconscious and it went away. All of this came to a shock to her as she heard on the news and learned about the Atlantean race. Delta had already began working on perfecting her transformation in case she ever needed to use it.


Del has an ability that is quite strange to her she can crystallize her skin into an extremely durable, diamond-like material. Through experimentation she has learn that she is not affected by fire on the places she has turned. She has not learned how to crystalize her whole body yet just bits and pieces. Making more than two of her body parts (two arms, two legs, arm and a leg) causes her to become faint and ultimately lose the crystallization. Despite her many attempts she has not been able to crystallization anything on her face, not even an ear. She not sure if this has to do with a fear she has of accidentally suffocating herself.

When in this “form” her mobility isn’t affected it isn’t like her skin has diamond on top of it. The opaque, green tinted, diamond material is her skin and it keeps its same weight so it doesn’t burden Del too much. It does hurt if she constantly shifts from her normal skin to the crystalize skin. If it is destroyed in this form it is also destroyed in her normal form. This ability makes her more of a defensive type person because of its durability. The true strength of it is unknown but it can definitely leave a broken hand if it’s punched. Though, Delta’s not much of a defensive fight so she’ll swing her arms at people to hit them with the hard material. Her ability has the potential to be able to not just crystalize her entire body but anything she touches. This is not a for sure thing as Del is just in the beginning of even mastering her crystallization.

Writing Sample:
Constant headaches plagued Del ever since that day ten days ago. The same memory played over and over in her head as if it was too good to be true. She had finally been able to relax after a stressful day, the events of the day weren’t even in memory anymore. The only way for her to cool down was her nightly bubble bath, which also happens to be her favorite part of her day. Del slowly lowered herself into the very warm water. At that moment her tattoo emerged on her finger and made its way down, unbeknownst to her. A few moments later she fell into a deep sleep and when she awoken she placed her arm on the edge of the tub. She’s normally one to be calm but that changed once she saw that her entire arm had been transformed into a diamond-like material. After seconds of staring at it in disbelief she let out an ongoing scream. After the initial shock died down a little Del casually stroked the hard material with her right hand because it occupied her left arm. That’s when she realized that she had a tattoo that made a few twirls down her index finger then a straight line to her wrist where it then curved under and went all the way down to the crease of her arm.

The news blared from downstairs into the restroom, “…Atlantean Royal Family confirms existences of extraordinary abilities” Del took a big breathe, she always thought she was more of an outcast in society but now this confirmed she was a freak. Freaking (heh) out wouldn't help her at all, and didn't make her skin change back so she decided to take a calm approach to this subject. This must be her ability, to make her skin become this hard material; she needed to do research on it. Her exit from the tub proved that only her entire left arm was the only thing that had changed. She also decided that there was no way in hell she would tell anyone about this incase they forced her register on some freak list. Gloves and a long sleeved jacket were enough to cover up her tattoo at all times. It dawned upon her that she didn’t know how to change her arm back to normal.

The next few days were full of experimentation and, well, training. Since her arm hadn't returned back to its normal state Del decided she would test it. Her first test was out of pure curiousity, was she fireproof? A gas lit stove in her kitchen is where Del decided she would administer the first test since it was the perfect place. Her hesitation held her back for the first few minutes but then she carefully placed her hand above the fire and then slowly lowered it down onto the fire. At 37 C/98 F she felt nothing beneath her hand and this feeling continued until she reached 204 C/ 399 F where she felt a little heat. This meant that as of right now she wasn’t completely heat/flame resistance but perhaps if she learned how to make her arm even harden and denser that’d change. Experiment number two was to see the strength that she possessed now that her arm had transformed. Paper was a breeze, rocks were easily crushed, wood wasn’t a match, and neither was concrete. Her trouble was steel, she had only been able to make dents in it, which was no were near what she wanted. This caused a look of disappointment as Del tried another time, which unfortunately ended in the same result. A notebook full of information was burned after each test was done because Del knew she’d have to be careful since she couldn't risk people finding out about her.

The desire to transform more of her body became more and more appeasing to her after she failed at her steel test. Del began to wonder if she could she punch through the steel sheets if both of her arms were crystalized? Yep, she had found the correct word when she googled the process of what had happened to her arm (and then promptly cleared her browser history). Crystallizing both of her arms made her a bit weary but she wasn’t going to faint from it. She continued the test in the spare room, which is where all her previous strength test had taken place. The only thing that changed was the number of dents and this time it was two. Angry at her failure to break through the steel sheets Del kept pounding the steel sheet over and over again. Right, left, right, left, over and over again. Her idea to simply crystallize her body was her next experiment. With full determination to crystalize her entire body Del sat down on her bed and started to concentrate...


“Delta, Delta, wake up, please, wake up!” Her sense of hearing was dull but she knew that husky voice, well, she thought she did. “Glad to see you awake, Nan sent me over after you weren’t returning her calls.”

“Nathan,” Yes, his name was Nathan and he was her grandparent’s gardener, their cute gardener. “I’m fine, you can go now.”

“Fine?! You don’t know how long you’ve been passed out, do you? Two days, yeah, two f-ing days and you want me to leave you? You’re ridiculous, Delta.” He tone made it obvious that he was upset but Del didn't need a babysitter, she wasn't weak.

She found herself laid across the couch with her head prompted on a pillow which laid on his lap. His fingers were making a figure eight on her leg but he seemed to be unaware he was doing it. He had called her Delta, that was her full name, but she had shortened it to Del quite a long time ago. For some reason she let him call her that, perhaps it was the same reason why she got butterflies in her stomach every time he came around. Pain had suddenly spread like wildfire throughout her entire body with and her arms ached the most. Del sat up as quickly as she could and then threw off the blanket that covered her arm, somehow they had reverted back to normal. She poked it several times with her other hand to make sure. What if Nathan had saw her like that? The thought came to her too late as now her tattoo which was now on full display, Del couldn’t see his face but she knew it would was quite the reaction.

“You’re one of them, aren’t you?” His question hung in the air before Del took the bait.

“One of them? Don’t be crazy, a sharpie did this!” A nervous laugh overcame her hoping she was playing her cards right. “You, you didn’t see anything unusual did you?”

“No, but I’m willing to bet your ability has something to do with your limbs and the fact you have a dented sheet of steel is another clue,” Nathan spouted this matter-of-fact like, as if he had done a little research of his own. “Nan wants you to go to take a break, I agree. You need it!”

Del let his words enter his ears but she didn’t want to accept this she couldn’t, could she? The very next day, today, she boarded a flight to take her elsewhere. Nathan was supposed to come with her but at the last minute he cancelled which left an empty seat next to her.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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