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Main Information:
Name: Agnes Johansson
Alias: Wingless
Age: 18
Height: 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight: 50 kg
Location: Sweden
Atlantean Tattoo: Sitting at the back of her neck, looking like this.

Physical: Agnes is darkly brown skinned and of the afro american ethnicity. Her body is thin but muscular and her black, fluffy hair reaches down to her waist when she lets it out. Which is not often, as it really looks like a huge, fluffy mane. Usually, she keeps it in one or two thick braids running down her back or hanging down her front side. Her face is more childish than she'd like; her nose is small and her lips are big, while her eyes are rather big and round with very odd blue irises. She cannot understand why her eyes are blue when she doesn't know a single other dark skinned person who doesn't have brown eyes, but that's just one of the mysteries surrounding her origins.

Clothing: She never wears proper pants, but rather prefers dark leggings or longstockings underneath various brightly colored tunicas. In each of her ears, she has two silver earrings; the right ear has a small crescent moon and a sun with wavy rays while the left ear has a little heart and a star. In the colder seasons, her primary footwear are black, thin boots and she wears a brightly blue trench coat. When it's warmer outside, she changes her footwear into sneakers; she has a whole wardrobe of differently colored ones to match whatever tunica she is wearing. Her most important accessory though, is her scarf. She has a huge collection of different ones and never leaves home without one around her neck, no matter the season or weather.

Personality: Agnes can be described as an imaginative dreamer who often can't sit still for too long and likes to be spontaneous and to be surprised. She is brave in most scenarios and loves the feeling of good that comes from standing up and being brave when others feel scared or sad. Without trying, she is very emphatic and always finds herself pondering what others think about things and putting herself in their situation. Dozing off is standard business for her. Despite that, she has a rather impatient side to her and doesn't like it when others are discussing things for too long or take too long time to perform tasks while she is idle. As mentioned, her mind tries to understand others without her even thinking about it, but she can be a bit too impatient to sit down and really listen to them if they want to open up to her.

When in a group of people, Agnes is likely to be one to stand up and take action, even though the action isn't completely thought through - doing something is better than doing nothing. She can be forgetful about simple things in everyday life and adding to that she is also a bit clumsy physically, something that has made her a bit infamous in her parkour club. Other sides to Agnes that are on the more negative side are her slightly irrational tendency to jealousy as well as the closely related notion that everything should be as fair and just as it possibly can; if she shares a bag of candy with someone, they should have the exact same number of candies. That way, no one has a right to complain later.

History: Agnes grew up in a tiny Swedish town on the countryside, with her trusty and warm father who taught her to be open minded and brave. When she was 13, her father died in what authorities told her was a drowning accident, but she knew that her father had been acting strange lately and she suspected that something more evil had happened. She moved to live with her mother, who she had only met a few times during growing up. She lived in the large city of Stockholm but Agnes did not want to adapt to big city life. She disliked her mother for having left her father and not wanted to take care of their daughter together, even though she did not know the whole story, had never asked her father about it and did not want to ask her mother. She discovered that she had a half-brother called Carl who was two years younger than her, but their mother had left Carl's father just as quickly as she had left Agnes' father. Only this time, she had apparently felt guilty enough to bring the child with her.

Agnes was not doing overly well in her new school, where everyone condemned her as the crazy hillbilly from the south. To get her mind off things - she did not like to be troubled and hated that she was beginning to feel depressed at times - she joined the first sports club that she could find. In school one day, she spotted a poster about a local parkour club. She started going there and even though people found her odd in the beginning, like everyone did, they soon warmed up to her when they realized that she was determined and eager to learn. Also, she already had a good base physique from having spent much of her childhood outdoors rather than in front of a TV. She was soon a regular there, since the age of 14, even though most of the club's members were aged 18 or above, and even though she was sometimes unexpectedly clumsy and had minor accidents. Which her mother of course scolded her for.

Carl was growing up to be a very typical stockholmer guy and he and Agnes pretended that they hated each other over their first four years together. But eventually, Carl confessed that he admired Agnes' individual mindset and strangeness. Agnes was bullied by the "normal" teenagers in school and mostly hung out with the "alternative" people because they accepted her, even though she stayed away from drugs and other nasty things they dabbled with. Carl, on the other hand, was as popular as a 15 year old guy could be but was not feeling secure about himself at all. From that day, they started opening up to each other and became really close friends. That was why Carl was the first one Agnes told, when she discovered her powers.

Ability: Aerokinesis.

This will mainly mean flying. Controlling the mix of molecules that constitute the important substance which we refer to as air, Agnes has the ability to levitate without wings, by concentrating hard and somehow using what feels like invisible muscles to dive and float through the air like a mix of birds in the sky and seals in the water. She does not need to flap her arms in order to move forward, but often does when she has just taken off, because it feels better and is easier to balance that way. She can levitate in any way, either by flying with her head first through the sky, or by seemingly walking on invisible platforms in the sky. The speed varies with her mood; if she is feeling down or tired, she will likely not be able to go very fast. If she is angry or scared or immensely happy, she likely flies very fast. It is also something she can train, and as such she won't be doing any supersonic speeding in the near future, rather only flying as fast as she can run with her legs on the ground.

After just one week, her ability only lets her levitate a few meters up from the floor before she looses her cool, and she has not got complete control over her steering or altitude yet. She can also suddenly loose concentration and fall from midair, not always able to get up again before she hits the ground.

Another aspect of her ability is an increased affinity for anything that has got to do with air. She will not realize this until later, though. Soundwaves became clearer to her, improving her hearing. She can sense particles in the air better, improving her sense of smell. And in the far future, she might even become able to push and pull things through manipulation of the air around her, as well as evaporate body parts, literally becoming air at times.

Writing Sample: The day was cloudy and windy on the fateful day when Agnes did something that she really should not. She was performing parkour alone. Today's trail was particularly interesting, with a lot of fences and ladders to scale across several buildings. Agnes loved trying to do pirouettes in the air while jumping; she could not explain why though. Maybe it was just the wonderful sensation of being in mid-air and for a split second not really have full control of where she was going...

She was in the middle of a run, with her pulse up and her breath panting. In front of her was a stone wall, about two meters high. She knew that she could not jump that high, but she would certainly try, because that was what she did. Tried. A smile played across her face as she took the last step before the jump and then shot off with her strongest leg. The ground disappeared from below her and she was flying through the air towards the stone wall. Milliseconds felt like minutes as an unbearable sense of freedom came over Agnes. Parkour was freedom in one way; the restrictions of the everyday townsperson did not apply to her. She could go anywhere she wanted to. But to be free from the limits of gravitation and ground, that has got to be the ultimate thing.

She reached the wall, stretching out one hand and a foot to soften the impact. Following a sudden instinct, she then pushed away again, with both her hand and foot, before she could begin falling back down. The wall got further and further away from Agnes now. One meter. Two meters... Wait. Wait.

The ground was several meters below her. She had jumped again, apparently. But... had time stopped? Why wasn't she falling down? Her mouth opened up in soundless, frozen terror as she realized that something was horribly wrong with the world all of a sudden. She was flying. In the middle of a bright, yet cloudy day, she was hanging four meters up in the air in a backalley of Stockholm. And she had no idea on how to get down.

Carl got a curious phone call a few minutes later and a quarter of an hour after that, he found himself in an alley staring up at his half-sister who was still hanging in the air without support. It took a while to make him come back to his senses after the initial shock from the sight, but then they together worked out how Agnes should move her body and steer her mentality in order to slowly float back down. The last meter, she just fell though. After having been exposed to the weird sensation of being almost gravitationless for so long, Agnes was not keen on getting up again, no matter if it was possible or not. But Carl could not drop the subject.

He kept quiet in front of their mother, thankfully, but during the evening he kept bugging her until she agreed to try again. They were in her bedroom, with Carl almost sticking his head to the floor near his sister's feet just to check if she would float up just the tiniest inch. She tried and tried but nothing happened until Carl playfully knocked her over to make her land on the bed. She did not. Instead, she landed in plain air on her back, one decimeter above the sheets. They experimented with way to twist and turn and move around in the air and by the time the sun went up in the morning, none of the teenagers had gotten any sleep but Agnes had learned to fly.

They still did not correlate this supernatural ability with the emergence of the Atlanteans for several days. Watching the news on TV, Agnes and Carl both agreed with their mother for once - all of it were lies and it couldn't possibly be that Atlanteans existed for real. Until one of Agnes' parkour friends one day when training, asked her when she got her tattoo. Agnes was shocked - she had never seen the strange trilegged marking on the back of her neck before. When she was parkouring, she did not wear her usual tunica and scarf, so that was why her friend had spotted it.

She began realizing that her flying ability - which she kept a secret when doing parkour, except for when she was alone - was an Atlantean trait. She was a descendant. Maybe her father had been too, since Carl apparently was not? Had her father known? So many questions. But now that she had an explanation, she was not afraid anymore. Carl was still suspicious of these Atlanteans and the idea that Agnes would be one of them. But Agnes herself felt excited. When the time was right, she might be able to leave her dreadful mother! She might find other Atlanteans who she could somehow live with instead. That was her hope.

Right now, she is biding her time and building up determination in order to dare to tell her mother the truth.

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