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Quote originally posted by Drago Dragonite:
The lady behind the counter smiled."We take an impression of your finger markings. Did you know every finger marking is different?", asked the lady. She put a box with a kind of sponge covered in black ink and a piece of paper on top of the counter."Put your finger in the ink and then mark your impression in the paper", said the lady.
"Oh, that's it? I knew that, just a Digital impression sounds allot more complicated than just a simple fingerprint." I explain.

I press my thumb into the ink, making sure to get both sides of my thumb well covered. I then allow any excess Ink drip off before I put my Thumbprint on the paper, rolling it to both sides to be sure they got my whole thumb.

"I did this once for my child safe ID when I was little, My parents explained it to me later that day. Is that all you need from me Miss?" I ask.

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