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★ Hoenn's Mini-★lite Shop ★

★Hey, I'm Hoenn, and this is my shop, a poor remake of the old one, but still, do expect to see ★s floating around...★

★No CSS (yet) since it takes time and effort.★

Let's ★t with:


★Hey there. Let's keep it s★mple. I'm ★Hoenn★, ple★se refer t★ me ★s Hoenn.

★Fine. No more stars. Happy?★

I used to be C_r_e_a_m_p_u_f_f around here, and I had a previous shop at the times of my minor Pixel Arts. But now I'll think I'll open a new one since my vacation is going on. But wait... I'm not the old Creampuff. I'm Hoenn now, and I've changed. Not a con artist, don't worry, but a 'Resource Artist'. Don't know what that means? Check the ★Dictionary★.

What do I do here? Well, my ★ry friend, I'll explain later on.★

★Main ★ : Res★urces

See, here's the thing. I want to make myself look better, so I'm taking in ★Requests★ for your RP, Game, Hack, FanFic etc.

What's the request form? There ain’t no request form. Just add these at the end of your post:

What it is for : (Hack, Game etc.)
Expected Time : (Min. three days)

Here's all what I do here :

Trainers*cough*Bad Quality*cough* - Any person. Revamps and touch-ups also.

OWs - All styles. Even if you give me a link for a custom template I'll manage.

Items - Anything but please elaborate

Banners and U-bars - Any kind. Backgrounds also, but that'll take more time.

Custom Edits - Within reason.

Custom Requests - Anything to do with Pixel Art EXCEPT FAKEMON!!!!

Pixel Overs - Somethings about dat in my tutorial. =)

Also, I don't cater any selective audience. I don't care if you're Gavin or a newbie. I believe that everyone should be treated equally here, so no problem for everyone!

★Pr★★of ★f W★rk

This is the definition. The turning point. The time when you see if I'm any good.

★Security & Terms ★f Use

So, I'll tell what all you can do with ★what you see here★ and ★what I give you★.

★ The person who requested a(-) sprite(s) can use it(them) anyway he wants without any credit.
★ Anyone else, don't use it without permission.
★ You may not share sprites with others in behalf of yourself

★Important Extra

So sometimes my personal friends stroll around here and give me a challenge for pastime. This includes stuff like fusions and infernos. Don't worry, folks, I'll still make them. No request form needed for that.

For reference of proof, click this link to my old Sprite Shop.

Don't post in that shop! You should post new requests here.

★Well, I hope you’ll listen to mah word of advice.
★Please don’t expect your request to be finished immediately! You’ll have to wait a few days at the very least.
★I will only take in three orders at a time. The rest would be added to the waiting list.

★Waiting List

Active Requests : ★Yusshin's Trainers
★ShadowMirror's Trainers
★pokemoner2500's Trainer
Delayed : ★koopafan29's Trainer
★Harvey_Create's Tiles


Well, I hope I’ll keep ya happy. Meet the rules, meet the game, and meet the sprite. That’s my motto.

To keep you en tuned, here is the Request Log :
★Aryan143's inferno (2/24/2013)
★Tackle's fusion (2/25/2013)
★kinataki's fusion (2/26/2013)
★Tackle's resize (2/28/2013)
★ShadowMirror's inferno (3/2/2013)
★Dradier234's Banner(3/2/2013)
★kinataki's recolour(3/20/2013)
★ShadowMirror's recolours (3/20/2013)
★JNathan's U-bar & Trainers (3/23/2013)
★Aryan143's Pixel Over (3/25/2013)
★ShadowMirror's Trainer (3/26/2013)
★Dradier234's Custom Request (3/26/2013)
★pokemoner2500's Trainer (3/29/2013)
★U-Flame's OW (3/31/2013)
★ShadowMirror's Trainers (3/31/2013)
★Yusshin's Trainers (4/2/2013)
★Harvey_Create's Tiles (4/11/2013)
★Foxrally's U-bar (4/11/2013)

★Thank you and Please Request★