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Originally Posted by ISA56 2.0 View Post
Well, for starters, we need Unova's Original Dragon, Draconeon (Dragon-type Eeveeloution), and an evolution for Luvdisc, Farfetch'd, Corsola, and Deliberd, plus I would like to see a Poison-type legendary (type seriously needs some love).
I wish that poison type moves weren't so bad, I wish poison type moves would be super-effective against more than just grass. I think poison should also be super against bug types (again), and fighting types (only 2 weakness and super against 5 different types, this type should have more weaknesses - such as poison).

Hey I just realized, the latest national pokedex has 649 pokemon, you know what that means? In gen 6, a pokemon will have the pokedex number 666. What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you think GameFreak will take this advantage and make some kind of demonic pokemon, or will they simply ignore it.

Please insert your thoughts into this spread!
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