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CURRENT Egg Mystery is DONE!

Egg mystery: Which pokemon does this egg is from ?

First of all, thank you for participating guys! . The winners will be listed under spoiler!

• Here are the three winners

#1 LilJz1234
Reward: 2% Happiness; 30 pts; 20 exp.
#2 rainerman3
Reward: 1% Happiness; 20 pts; 15 exp.
#3 Chaos Fork
Reward: 1% Happiness; 10 pts; 10 exp.

I'll reward Vapoeron7 because of your ability to know about "HSOWA" because it was related to Skitty.

Geez guys. It is the same winners in the same order than the last time! Congratulations! D:
So...! This one was too easy. Sadly. You can easily reconize it by its unique colors. Yes, it was Skitty!

Thanks for participating!


Egg mystery: Which pokemon does this egg is from ?

• Triston1zn & CourageHound still can take one egg. Don't forget it guys.

Originally Posted by Chaos Fork View Post
Hey Galoria, in the rules it says in the second warning "Your first pokemon is frozen". What does that mean?
Also, this is my 100th post!
That mean your Pokémon can't even grow, or be more happy. It is totally frozen!

Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
ONe think I like about baby Pokémon is how they can have a few extra egg moves. Like how Azurill can have Refresh but a Marill egg can't.
You're totally right. Indeed, it is really hard to make true perfect baby pokémon with a right nature, with right moves with the right descendants. It takes a lot of time and luck :c

Originally Posted by vaporeon7 View Post
I've been playing Pokémon Puzzle Challenge recently, and I've come into some of the eggs. Does anyone know how long they take to hatch? I kinda want to use them.
Actually there are 4 eggs that you hatch in Pokemon Puzzle Challenge, they are Magby, Togepi, Igglybuff and Elekid, I think. You need to beat all of the Puzzle part of the main screen. Though you can't evolve any of them ! Sadly.

Technically, when a Manaphy is born, its twin come too. I'm talking about Phione. Manaphy is the sea prince and a powerful pokémon. Instead of Phione, who is technicaly, for me, a baby legendary Pokémon. It is not officially told, but anyway, we can see things like that. Why not?
As we can see in the movie, Manaphy came from an egg, and kind of harmless and cute as a baby Pokémon :3