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Originally Posted by destinedjagold View Post
That is a really great chapter. Also, I thought the Croconaw already told Ezrem that he's a shiny. But either he didn't believe or my mind is not working properly anymore.

And it made me curious as to why Ezrem risked his own to save Reinno.

Anyway, it was touching when Sai said Reinno's name. :3
She was going to tell Ezrem that he was shiny, but decided against him.

Glad you liked it!

Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
Aw, that was a great chapter, not only for Rennio but also Ezrem. Rennio's starting to grow up a little, getting a little more confident. And Ezrem did something incredible, risking his life like that for Rennio. And what a way to end, with Sai using Rennio's name, just like he asked.

This chapter was great because of those little moments of characterization. I also liked how you described how Swift feels to the Pokemon using the attack. That was a nice touch.
Where there's Rennio characterization there is bound to be Ezrem characterization. Not the other way around, though. Seems like Ezrem's growing up too and not just thinking of himself.

Glad you liked it!
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