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It been a while since I last updated, I haven't been playing much lately but I made some progress today.

After getting the second badge I delivered the letter to Steven then went to Slateport.
Beat some Aqua Grunts and delivered the Devon Goods.
Beat May on my way to Mauville.
Spammed game corner forever to buy Psychic and Ice Beam. (The reason I haven't been playing much.)
Challenged Wattson.

Got Rock Smash then went and caught a Poochyena on the route south of Mauville, forget which one it is, and taught it Rock Smash.
Helped the couple in the cave and got Strength.
Went around in circles for a bit until I was on Mt. Chimney, or whatever its called, and beat Team Magma.
Finally got to Falabor where I challenged Flannery.

Level 39
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Oblivious
Psychic, Thief, Ice Beam, Powder Snow
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