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Valorie Ryder - Cafeteria
Valorie emitted a light squeak as Kiyoko plopped down into her lap, blushing ever so slightly at the awkwardness of having something that looked and felt like a human hug her. Geez, Kiyoko! Why can't you be small, furry, and cute like normal zoruas? Gosh! In all honestly though, she was only embarassed because she didn't want the other kids to think poorly of her. Perhaps they'd mistake him for her little brother or something? Family? ...One look down at Kiyoko said maybe not. Regardless, she returned the hug and just sort of held him there. "Alright..." she answered Drake, rubbing Kiyoko's side briefly as if trying to pet him and finding herself unsure how.

"I promised... someone I'd wait for them..." she explained. "Because they weren't sure if they could love me back and needed time to decide." she continued to clarify, deliberately avoiding clarifying the sex of this someone. Indeed, she was insecure about her feelings. "I like Mark, but...--I can't break that promise." she finished in a rather firm tone, seemingly sure in her decision. The conversation clearly bothered her despite this.
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