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I'm enjoying it so far, but I think I found an error: I had the grass-type Growlithe evolution evolve into Ivysaur at level 17 (or was it 19?). maybe earlier. It leveled up a couple times during the first Gym battle. I've since reset the game a few times to try out different starters. In the latest run, I got to Stannum City and traded a Rattata for a Scyther. ...Except I still have a Rattata and no Scyther. I've also yet to see Samuel Oak. Currently stuck, unable to get past any point without Cut. But looking through some screenshots from page 1, it looks like some events only happen at night? (The "Is someone screaming in there?" image). I'll go back to it later in case I missed something.
I'm currently teaching myself about ROM hacking to make my first hack. It stars a lab aide whose professor was kidnapped to help make Mewtwo. The same team also wants the aide's Kabuto(ps) to upgrade into a Genesect. Dark Fakemon evolutions and hybrids will also play a central role to the villainous Team Helix. Currently I'm fairly confident with YAPE and AdvanceMap. In a few weeks I'm likely to start putting a team together. I suck at spriting, and I can't understand the scripting tutorials.
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