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Originally Posted by Ambushwhack View Post
I'm enjoying it so far, but I think I found an error: I had the grass-type Growlithe evolution evolve into Ivysaur at level 17 (or was it 19?). maybe earlier. It leveled up a couple times during the first Gym battle. I've since reset the game a few times to try out different starters. In the latest run, I got to Stannum City and traded a Rattata for a Scyther. ...Except I still have a Rattata and no Scyther. I've also yet to see Samuel Oak. Currently stuck, unable to get past any point without Cut. But looking through some screenshots from page 1, it looks like some events only happen at night? (The "Is someone screaming in there?" image). I'll go back to it later in case I missed something.
they should be able to happen at any time, i'm assuming you reached road 4, you should try checking every building and talking to a lot of people
i think all the cut events are working though
as for the trading thing, I think its a messed up script i read about one time >.< I'll look into that though (at least you didnt trade anything too valuable or rare!)
as for the grass evolution, thats ridiculous, it must be because of my stupidity making the pokemon....when I finish the pokedex I'll make sure everything works fine though, I'm sorry for the unexpected turnout... >.<
you havent seen sam yet? thats strange have you started a new game? it might be a little glitchy since i added a few things that you need to have come from your home town, but it should have worked.
Anyway, thanks for trying it out, and I hope you still enjoy yourself!

As for an update, It may take a while, maybe even some time in april (>.<) before I get a new update out, I want everything to be perfect for you guys, and especially new time players! I'll have all my events tested, and a compelted re-arranged and working pokedex, as well as completely funtional gyms! and the second part of the story at least started (that means a cave maze, a town, a continued cave, and the outskirts of a few towns yet to come)

Update: Download
Last update for a while, guys; here is the improved version, but some of the problems encountered I have to look into, they weren't what i thought they were, and all that junk and its too much to do right now, but at least this has the VS sequence I wanted with the player and the rival! so enjoy~

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