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I don't have and cannot afford SpeedyShare Premium so I can't download the ips

Can you possibly update for that link and maybe a mediafire one?
Link: sure is boring around here!!
King: Mah Boi!!! Go to youtube and have fun!! It's what all true warriors strive for!!
Luigi: Dont bother...Cd-i ruined us thanks to that people call me Gay Luigi and say I have a fetish for LOTSA SPAGHETTI!!
Mario: Same with me and toasters....
King: I, as well, am being ridiculed with a fetish for DINNER!!
Ganon: Im being blamed for fetishes of the word DIE!!!!!!
Gwonam: And I'm given a fetish for the word SQUADRALA!!!
Everyone except Link and Zelda: What about you two??
Link: hmm...I guess it'd be something senseless like my sword...
Zelda: ......I never really said anything stupid in the Cd-i I don't really have a problem...
Everyone except Zelda: WHHAAATT?!?!

And so...everyone in the Cd-i world had an issue except for Zelda....probably cause she was too occupied that she was a playable character there despite the games being so horribly bad...


I am now on The Pokemon World Forums!! Name is still abyssthesavior. and guess what? I cant post s***! Whomever reads this part of the signature and is a member of that site please help me by telling me why i cant post replies or anything like that!!!!