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Sorry for the late replies, I've been out all day. Not that I'd really be able to make any trades since my mom took away both my DS systems .3.' But, I should have them back very soon~

Quote originally posted by Tapeuser:
Hello There,

Im Interested In

Regigigas (Lv. 1)
Gentle nature
Ability: Slow Start
Stats: 13/8/6/6/7/7
Moves: Dizzy Punch/Knock Off/Confuse Ray/Foresight
What might you have to offer?
Quote originally posted by OCD:
Howdy!, just made this account so I could ask for a groudon hope I don't make any mistakes. Need the critter on my hg version for jade orb. Lemme know what u think/want for it. Thanks for your time fella. Hope to hear from you soon.
What legendaries or shinies do you have?
Quote originally posted by Pink Mommy:
It says OPEN at the top, so I'll post.

I really need a Solosis, could I please get one?

I don't really have any shinies, though. Is there anything else you would like? I breed for natures if you're intersted
Lol, I don't ask for shinies for Solosis. I've actually been considering letting breedables go for free now, since I already have trades set up to get the rest of the Pokemon I don't already have. So, just toss some random Pokemon at me XD
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