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Thank you guys for the feedback, it was really helpful! :D

Also, I was thinking about that idea someone had for a monotype challenge for Conquest.I'm just playing through it now, and I'd think monotyping to get through the main game or whatever would be enough - it wouldn't be a very long challenge, but that's not a big deal. Also I thought... why couldn't other challenges be formatted for conquest? there could easily be an NFE challenge, a Nuzlocke challenge (you can only link with one pokemon in a kingdom, if the pokemon you're controlling faints then you can't use that warrior/warlord - Oichi or the Hero/Heroine fainting equals game over etc) and so on.

I personally think it'd be cool if we just had an "Ultimate Conquest Challenge" thread, where there are several different ones, and the ultimate version would be you do all of them.
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