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Originally Posted by Ambushwhack View Post
Ok, so I downloaded the update (did 3.0 really just come out? I was playing 2.5). I had to start a new game because the update glitched my save file (I was inside my house when I last saved, and it set off the dad's exclamation point but the event was already done and I just couldn't move). So new game looked ok, but it glitched after battling Sam. He took a step to the side like he was going to run down, but then he froze and I couldn't move, hit start, or anything.
not officially, it's a preview of whats to come (and it looks like it came out too soon)
sorry for you having to start over D: but thats to be expected...
[this is for everyone]
until I can figure out a way to update the game with stuff like this, and not have you guys losing your precious data, if you PM me with a list of no more than 6 pokemon you caught, I'll work out something in-game to let you guys retrieve them

as for your sam glitch, I've foolishly tested one of the scripts and expected the rest to follow suit, if you leave town being on the second tile away from the trees on the left side it should work as intended (but hey, its a beta V3, glitches are to be expected, but I'm really sorry >.<)

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