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Originally Posted by Cerberus87 View Post
Unfortunately, like everything that came from 3rd gen (aside from Salamence), Walrein is a worse version of something that came before it. Walrein is a bad Lapras.

The problem with Ice isn't the weak Pokémon, it's the prevalence of Stealth Rock and Fighting-types. Being Water/Ice was a blessing in RBY where things first started, nowadays it's a curse. Instead, I'd like to see a boost to Hail. Rock-types are ****** defensively, but throw in Sand Stream and Tyranitar and Terrakion become behemoths. Hail is the weakest weather by far, with no reliable inducers (lolAbomasnow) and few boosts, and now that Snow Cloak was banned by Smogon (which isn't official but adopted by a good amount of people), it's become even worse. A boost to Hail would greatly help Ice-types, since they're the only ones not pelted by Hail.
What about the fact that Ice types lack more resistances and are outclassed by Water types? It's two of the comments I hear from every Pokemon fans as to why Ice types are worthless and in need for improvement.
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