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Quote originally posted by darknessrules:
is it possible to catch landorous using ultra ball or should you use the second master ball
Yes, imo Landorus is really easy to catch.
Legendary dogs are much harder.

Quote originally posted by darknessrules:
1st master ball is for arceus then what is the second one for
and can u catch kyurem and transform it into black or white kyurem
Arceus is NOT available. And Master Balls are not meant for specific Pokémon...

Quote originally posted by Shadow97:
I mean other than catching it as it's percentage is 1% is there another way to obtain it
Even with the 1%, they are pretty common.

Quote originally posted by dunniecfc:
Can some people post there teams they have won the elite 4 with having trouble
"with" trouble?

Quote originally posted by darknessrules:
can someone tell me all the catchable legendaries in this game
Refer to the posts in this thread, DRG already mentioned this.
By quickly remembering... Kami Trio, Dogs, Weather trio, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Mew, in a meaning Giratina and that's all I guess...
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