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Quote originally posted by nemesish:
Zero in torn world... you mean BEFORE the battle w/Giratina?
Dang, then maybe I lost that poke.
Is there a way to get to the Torn world after that? (If that's the case)

I said the thing of the free spaces, because it amazed me that anybody actually used them.
That added a +5 in the awesomeness rank of this hack.
In this era, everyone's using them =D
And Zero asks you if you want to get it =)

Quote originally posted by Xanza:
Now that I finally got it working on my PSP, time to play this . Will report bugs if I find any.

EDIT: Level 4 Venipede gives 217 exp. Just finished the first trainer and I'm level 10, is it supposed to be that way?
Venipede is meant to give huge exps =D
It's a leftover from the Portuguesse version =)

Quote originally posted by alienhunterx:
Deino given in Torn World???? I though he is given by Zero inside Mt. Oren???? Or what is that mountain name where you Lava Surf???
Who cares, it's the same =D And it's still Torn World which is entered by going to Mt. Oren.
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