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Aw genetics, the moment I heard your sweet words I had to research this game. As a game theorist I take huge interest in just the little things that other's haven't took notice and yes there is more then likely a chance this games storyline is deeper then it gets. This region is heavly based off of Europe, from the landmarks all the way down to a little sheep. Why sheep you may ask ? Well heard of Dolly..? If you have this was the first animal in real life to ever have been cloned and isn't it funny that we see a DNA sign in the japaness logo and that X and Y are based off chromosomes ? Ha ! Ohh I'm not done either, so you remember Sylveon ? well isn't it funny how she's going to appear in PK25 and how the 16'th movie is called "Extreme Speed Genesect: Mewtwo's Awakening" Both these pokemon were made by humans through trying to clone or change. So all I can say is genetics don't sound to far from my mind. Hell there's still more research I can do to prove my point more, however this is just my theory though >3<
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