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They should make some new water types, and then have a Hoenn remake, and add some of those new water types into Hoenn, since it's like 99% water. (Well okay not literally but there's a lot of water in Hoenn...)

I think more fire types could be good. (They can throw them in the Fiery Path and stuff in Hoenn remakes. lol) No seriously though, putting aside the thought and hope for Hoenn remakes, Sinnoh did not have any fire types really... Even tropical Hoenn had a few ice types. For the type of the starters, there definitely should be a good amount of that type, so the players who don't choose that starter can still use Pokemon of that type. I'd say there should be at least two evolution lines of each type, not including stand alone Pokemon, pr/evolutions of old Pokemon, starters, and legendaries... Preferably more than two, but at least two... And more if they are version exclusives. It's no fun if you're not able to use certain types. I guess if they don't introduce enough new Pokemon of any given type, they really should at least have old ones of that type be available.
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