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Yup, moving left fixed the Samuel Oak glitch. I've found another bug though: I can't evolve my Growlithe! I've tried both Ice Shard and Moon Stone, and I've tried using it immediately, talking to everyone in the lab, and leaving the lab entirely before using it. Every time, my computer pops up an error message and forces the game to close. Seeing as I only had a couple minutes of gameplay, I'll try restarting again.


Still got the problem in the new game (with a Fearow). It reads:

Script 'PokemonEvolution line 416: NoMethodError occurred.

undefined method 'width' for nil:NilClass
I'm currently teaching myself about ROM hacking to make my first hack. It stars a lab aide whose professor was kidnapped to help make Mewtwo. The same team also wants the aide's Kabuto(ps) to upgrade into a Genesect. Dark Fakemon evolutions and hybrids will also play a central role to the villainous Team Helix. Currently I'm fairly confident with YAPE and AdvanceMap. In a few weeks I'm likely to start putting a team together. I suck at spriting, and I can't understand the scripting tutorials.
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