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Originally Posted by Xlugon Pyro View Post
Ability[INDENT]Fighting is a specialty of Natalie's. She commands the powers of the abyss, able to suck in objects and repel them by creating a black gaseous substance that acts very much like a black hole. This power, when active can give her immunity from attacks by absorbing them into her skin, turning her flesh black as the object is either stopped or absorbed into her. Nat can also repel objects back towards her opponent using the same force that was used against her. In essence, she has the power of gravity through her strange powers.

The wrath of the abyss has an even greater benefit for direct combat if her foes decide not to strike at her. She can coat her body with this abyssal substance, amplifying the power of anything she touches such as weapon or her body itself, splitting apart molecules at a far greater rate than a typical blow would. As it is the base of her powers, the void she commands pulls and repels atomic particles like a magnet, allowing her to deconstruct an object over time if she's left alone to do so. The ability is also unique in that it can also build or repair matter as well, but in no particular order. She could erase an apple from existence but to repair a piece of an apple that was bitten out of would require the necessary matter to build it and the genetic code to know how such particles are meant to reconstruct. In short, she can deconstruct anything, but can only restore something if the object or organism has its blueprint present.

Many might jokingly call her a walking landfill or a living recycling bin, but it's partially true. Natalie is an environmentalist's wet dream. Just as she can pull or repel anything, she can also suck in objects into her skin for later use. In essence, she has an internal storage compartment where she can put anything and reduce the weight of what she's carrying to almost nothing. However, her vacuum-like body has adverse effects in combat. The more stuff she has stored inside of her, the more energy it takes her to use her powers and thus reduces the effectiveness of her abilities. In some cases, she can even start to slow down as if she was carrying a heavy burden, which is actually pretty accurate. For this reason, Nat prefers instead to either deconstruct an object or let it pass right through her or repel it since weighing down her internal dimension is too costly for her. Still, Natalie does keep a few items inside of her most of the time without adverse side effects. It's when she has to absorb a big load or carry a lot stuff around for awhile that impedes her ability to call upon the void.

Contrary to what it might seem, Natalie's powers do have some shortfalls. While she can become intangible, she is only completely phased out when her entire body is coated in the essence of the abyss. This is clearly identified by areas where her skin has changed to an ebony black color. If Nat is completely coated in her Abyssal Shroud, it also turns her hair into a dull bluish-gray slate color while her irises turn red and her sclera darken to a nighttime black. For this reason, Nat is most vulnerable when she's not using her powers or only coats part of her body in her shroud, in which case striking at the unchanged regions of her body is most effective. Even so, she is still somewhat vulnerable while in her shroud. Her ranged capabilities are limited to any standard weapon she has on her or anything she can reflect. Nat can still pull you towards her from afar, but her range is still fairly short and using her gravitational powers alone aren't harmful. For this reason, forcing her to go on offense without trying to attack her will quickly exhaust her abilities, especially if she's completely shrouded. Generally Natalie won't go after someone who won't fight her for obvious reasons, but exhausting her powers is an effective strategy when full intangibility is in effect. The wrath of the void tires quickly, and Nat will start to become delirious, vomit, or pass out, recalling her Abyssal Shroud and leaving her completely helpless.
First of all, your power covers a wide spectrum of abilities, is there anyway you could change it into something more specific? Secondly, it's many uses makes it fairly over-powered. If you want to continue with the "hell" theme, you could try some sort of "Hell-Fire" ability or perhaps some sort of psychic magnetism allowing her to push and pull materials aside from magnetic substances?

I'm loving your creativity, though.

Also a side note, we have Gravity Manipulation reserved for a character later.

Originally Posted by MinnesotanGamer View Post
Alright, question. Would an ability where the user could bend or sometimes even break the laws of physics be a bit OP? I found it on a wiki under reality manipulation and it seemed awesome, but incredibly over powered. I would limit it of course, but I would still like your guy's opinions on it.
Could you perhaps explain a little more? As for the general idea, I would probably steer clear of breaking physics because yes, it could be quite OP. Feel free to have a try though, you never know....
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