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I decided we needed to go out with a bang! "Charizard! use Dragon Pulse!" Charizard blew a huge hole in the side of the ship literaly. Shadow sent out Togekiss and Torrent sent out Salamence, we all jumped on our pokemon and called back the others and flew away, as I looked back I saw Maxie contacting someone over a phone.

Torrent said in urgency "We won't be able to make it", Shadow looked at his Poketch and agreed, I decided this called for turbo. "Golurk! Let's go!" Golurk appeared out of its pokeball and rocketed into the air, we all jumped on and returned our flying pokemon, in seconds Golurk began rocketing towards Sinnoh, we had to hold onto the collar of Golurk's neck just to stay on. "This is travelling!" Shadow yelled, suddenly something hit Golurk, he spun a bit and we looked down, there below us was a Gunship with Archie standing on the front, "Shaymin will be mine!" he yelled...

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