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Normal: Miltank. *Lies on floor in foetal position* Miltank used rollout. Miltank used rollout. Miltank used rollout.
Fighting: Conkeldurr. Those veins creep me out.
Poison: Garbodor. WHY?!
Ground: Rhyperior. I don't think its design does the sheer awesomeness of Rhydon any justice.
Rock: Solrock. Its face -- always looking at me sceptically -- seeing what I did there.
Bug: Volcarona. Its red spotted petal wings, its strange white fluff, its lifeless blue compound eyes, and its creepy shape that gives an uncanny crackly sensation in my mouth like I'm swallowing a spider or some other creeper arthropod. I just don't like it at all. It scares me more.
Ghost: Chandelure. As much as I like Lampent's design, Chandelure's eyes fall too far into the background of the design.
Steel: Klinklang. One big contraption of cogwheels trying too hard to be the new Magnezone or its prevolutions, but missing out by having -- just like Chandelure -- eyes that fall too far into the background, making it look kind of dead.
Fire: Chimchar. I love the evolutions. I just don't like the first stage. It's trying too hard to look infantile.
Water: Jellicent. I don't want your pringles! The female version looks even worse.
Grass: Exeggutor. I swear, this pokémon always creeped me out as a kid.
Electric: Eelektross. NO!
Psychic: Munna. Flower patterns...
Ice: Cryogonal. Yep, it's a large snowflake.
Dragon: Altaria. Go home, Altaria, you're not a dragon!
Dark: Hydreigon. I thought Deino and Zweilous were pretty cute references to the Beatles and the hippies. Then, all of a sudden, it got eyes and head arms and...purple breeches?