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Originally Posted by glitchguy View Post
This is very interesting.Maybe somehow we would be able to go back in time and actually see how pokemon came to be and something that would relate to Xerneas and Yveltal being related to DNA or genes or whatever and the creation of pokemon?Maybe some sort of paradox where Yeveltal and Xerneas would go back in time and actually be the reason for the creation of pokemon due to them being related to DNA somehow.

And speaking of time travelling, maybe we could go back in time and actually catch prehistoric pokemon rather than reviving fossils.
Well if you went back in time you wouldn't be able to obtain fossils, obviously depending how far you went back but if we look at what you said about Prehistoric pokemon than you would have to travel around 300 hundred million years into the past in order to catch certain prehistoric pokemon, which just seems ridiculous in my opinion!

Again if they had some sort of easter egg in the game where Celebi asks you for help and she takes you back in time fair enough, but actually making it a large portion of a game would become too repetitive of what other games have done already!
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