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Quote originally posted by PrimalDialgasaur:
But none of those are dinosaurs, the only dinosaur fossils we have had so far are Bastiodon (Diceratops) and Rampardos (Pachycephalosaurus) and you may count Tropius as an Apatosaurus. We have had an Archeoptryx (Arceops) and a Pterosaur (Aerodactyl, which is based on the commonly false representation of a Pterodactyl, which in reality, there is no such this as a Pterodactyl, but there is a Pteranodon) and Pterosaurs are not dinosaurs, but prehistoric flying reptiles. I'm talking true be true dinosaurs, like Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus, Parasaurolophus, and many, many other popularized dinosaurs. A Spinosaurid would be an awesome Pokemon! Heck, it looks like one itself (basically a giant, bipedal crocodile with a sail on its back!)

We might see a few more sea creatures as well as land-dwellers over here, but I wouldn't get my hopes up when there's something like Rampardos, since GF would technically be like "well, whats the point of creating a T-Rex when that thing is close enough to it???"


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