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What do you think of Dark-Type Pokemon: Dark pokemon for me represent maturity and elegance within the Pokemon genre, they're often overlooked and made fun of for how weak they are or how unnecessary they are but within the world something which is unnecessary is actually the most important thing of all, the beauty of pokemon such as Umbreon gives you the impression that even though dark and not to be played with they can have the beauty of other typed pokemon.

Your partners: (Up to two) My partners going by the beautiful selection in my signature would have to be Umbreon the Goddess of dark beauty and Houndoom the pure flavor of fire and darkness.

What Types rule:The Darkness would be the best type in my opinion however even the darkness can find itself with allies in the form of ghost pokemon.

Answer the current topic: The best shiny dark pokemon is something which can not be judged as all dark pokemon look increasingly interesting in there alternate forms however if I am to choose but one it would have to be Umbreon, the mixture of black and blue are often seen as a bad thing but in this instance the mixture of colours show Umbreon as a beautiful queen of the night as on a moonlit hill, a shiny Umbreon would cause anything and everything to stop and admire her beauty.