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> Check your inventory, how much stuff do you have stuffed in that bag?

You check your inventory, and the Narrator wishes heartily he had been keeping track of this more effectively than he has been.

Beauteous Ring x1
Berry x1
Bloodstained Mail x1
Bulging Wallet x1
Dangerous Makeshift Knife x1
Elm's Key x1
Flowery Wreath x1
Glass Shards x5
Green Apricorn x1
Half a Cup of Cold Coffee x1
Half a Roll of Gaffer Tape x1
Hambone x1
Hyper Potion x2
Lava Cookie x7
Lithium Batteries x4
Long-Range Scanner Attachment x1
Machine Pistol Magazine x6
Miracle Seed x1
Mysterious Note x1
Novelty Giraffe Shoe x1
Poké Ball x1
Potion x2
Powerless Tablet Computer x1
Rare Bone x1
Rocks x12
Shiny Stone x1
Stale Baguette x1
Stylish Dress x1
Togepi Egg Shard x2

> Check the Bad Egg.

The Egg Watch: It looks like this Egg will take a long time to hatch.

> Also, /help

Hello! Sorry to keep you waiting. Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is Nyarlathotep. People call me the crawling chaos.

This world is inhabited by creatures that we call Pokémon. Pokémon and people live together in a predator-prey relationship. Some people flee from Pokémon. Some try to fight back.

Let's see which you are, shall we?

Good God. That was simultaneously the least helpful and most threatening help screen you've ever seen.

> Go and find this God Of Looting, and beg to be his apprentice. he is one to look up to.
> Carve into a tree or sign "Food this way" and make sure it is pointing the opposite way you are going, maybe cyndaquil can't read, but there is another survivor and you don't know how hungry he is.
Also, burn the house down, arson relieves stress.
> You should probably leave the Lonesome House and go up the path next to pond.

You cannot leave the Lonesome House; there is an Eldritch Cyndaquil blocking your path!


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