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Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
Remember that I'm not talking about the XYZ Dimensions; I'm talking about a theory that derives from that, which is the theory of time, or what is reffered to as the "fourth dimension". But yes, obviously time will contrast things a bit differently.

Here's a side question: will we get to interfere with the past events of older generations of games?
Memory linking was a great aspect brought into Black and White 2, I would love to see some sort of Generation interference within the new games, However as I mention before they can't go to wild with how they want to portray things within X and Y tampering with certain events would be a weird aspect and might not even make 100% sense depending on what kind of a storyline they introduce. More to the point though being able to see certain events such as the creation of Mewtwo? Who knows what Game Freak has to offer us in the games to come all we do know is that they're are trying to go the extra mile to make the games more appealing.
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