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I decided to do some EV training for the first time and I came across a shiny Gastly!!!

I put my Ditto and Gengar in daycare and hatched the egg. I EV-trained the lvl 5 Gastly (Which is now lvl 19) and then I encountered the shiny Gastly. So my question is...

The Gastly I was EV-training has gotten 45 EVs(In special attack).
If I..
1) Level EVGastly to 25 without encountering pokemon that would give me Special Attack-EVs
2) Level ShinyGastly to level 25 and getting exactly 45 Special Attack-EVs

Will one of them be stronger than the other or will they be the same?
Will they have the same Special-Attack stats?(Maybe a liittle different due to IV)

--Right now--
My slightly EV-trained-Gastly:
Level: 19
Hp: 42
Attack: 18
Defense: 18
Sp.ATK: 55
Sp.DEF: 22
Speed: 38

Level: 18
Hp: 41
Attack: 21
Defense: 17
SP.ATK: 41
SP.def: 17
Speed: 37