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Shawn smiled at her question, but yawned before he could respond right away. He was tiring out quickly, both from the exertion he used to get to where they were and from the damage he took. He decided, though, to keep concentrating on their conversation. "I caught a Litwick, a ghost and fire type," he said, patting the spot on his belt where its pokeball was. "Its number 5 for my team. I still have one more to capture, but I'll have to wait til I recover to get my last one."

They got to his door and was able to unlock and open the door. He entered his room, where he was more comfortable, and was able to sit down on the end of his bed, wincing as he did so. He was still in pain from earlier, but he managed to sit unassisted. He looked to Sammy, "The nurse that runs the Pokemon center was able to help me out when one of my friends were hurt earlier on. She can come up here to help me."

Shawn held up a hand and pointed in the direction of the town. "Oak town is that way. I'll keep myself awake. I have two pokemon that'll keep me company, even though they're weak."

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